We develop training strategies through the power of simulation.

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We democratize simulation for all people and for all industries

SpectraXR is a solution that integrates simulation environments, emulation of special operating systems, hardware in the form of Props XR, motion platforms, and a metrics platform for knowledge management.

SpectraXR SOFASA Renault Simulator

SpectraXR is experienced in creating solutions and strategies for training across multiple industrial sectors.

Tramway Simulator

FLIR Star Sapphire HD Simulator

Arpía 3 a 4 Motion

Fire Extinguisher VR Experience

Road Safety VR Experience

CPR VR Experience

Bike VR Experience

Electric Risk VR Experience

Hight Risk Job VR Experience

IT Technician VR Training

Confined Space VR Training

Fire Extinguisher VR Training

Reverse Engineering

SpectraXR creates variables and models that closely resemble reality through rigorous reverse engineering processes.

Modeling of simulation scenarios

SpectraXR, in its training approach, meticulously examines a wide range of critical variables for inclusion in each simulation scenario or case.

SpectraXR Cloud, a unified control for all simulations

SpectraXR offers a comprehensive web 2.0 platform that encompasses the management and control of all aspects related to training and education. Our platform includes a customizable Dashboard, detailed metrics, automated certifications, intuitive graphical reports, and robust Performance and Tools (P&T) functionality to ensure an efficient and effective user experience.

SpectraXR has helped various clients grow through partnerships for the generation of business models that allow for international scalability, innovation management, and high impact against competitors.

Road Safety VR Experience for WayGroup

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